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Volunteers for Virginia is an initiative of Election Day Tea Party 2012, an informal coalition of Tea Party and like-minded groups from across the country.

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The Volunteers for Virginia Results
Weekends Thru Oct 29
Homes Visited - 25,100
Postcards sent - 53,000
Texas Volunteers to VA - 139
Tennessee Volunteers to VA - 107

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    Volunteers for Virginia
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    Over the past four years, you have given time you don't have, talents you didn’t know you had, and money you found in between your sofa cushions to save our beloved America from fiscal and economic ruin. You've stayed up late, sacrificed vacations, holidays, birthdays, and more because you truly believe in American Exceptionalism; believe in our founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and you believe in the moral imperative to deliver a future to your children and grandchildren filled with the opportunity and optimism you had when you were their age.

    Most importantly, you recognize that once the light of Liberty is gone, we might never get it back.

    Together, we have accomplished things that no one ever dreamed. We've fought and won countless local battles in our city councils and school boards and larger, national ones. We have changed the way Americans think about the role of government in our everyday lives.

    All this leads to where we are today: less than two weeks away from the most important Election Day in our lifetimes. WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY to finish strong and elect a new president November 6.

    Volunteers for Virginia is one of the only independent, self-funded grassroots projects that is making a difference in that critical swing state. We have worked tirelessly to bring amazing volunteers from the "safe" states of Texas and Tennessee to join up with Virginians in order to help get-out-the-vote for Mitt Romney. Those unable to make the 2000+ mile round trip are participating in a never-before-seen postcard campaign of handwritten messages from one concerned citizen to a Virginia swing voter. Both programs provide a unique opportunity for one concerned American to speak personally and directly to another about the state of our nation.

    The results are astonishing. Since mid-September more than 50,000 postcards have been sent, and over 20,000 Virginians have been visited at their homes by Texas and Tennessee volunteers with their Virginia counterparts.

    When Virginians hear about the enormous distance that the volunteer on their doorstep traveled just to speak to them, they are shocked.

    In the bigger sense, the polls are beginning to reflect our impact - Mitt Romney is ahead by the slimmest of margins, and that winning margin appears to be slowly building.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP in these last days to make sure we win Virginia. In order to cover the travel expenses of the volunteers, we need to raise $24,850 immediately.

    The average cost per volunteer is $500 - and that entire amount goes to travel (no "administrative costs!"). Our grassroots partners in Virginia are hosting the people in their homes and dinner tables once they arrive.

    A total of 55 volunteers are ready to go to Virginia this weekend (from Oct 26-29), and approximately 65 more are on deck to work on the ground in Virginia from November 1 through Election Day, November 6. Your contribution today of $500, $100, $50 - ANY amount you can afford - will help make sure we win this critical state. Click here to donate via PayPal.

    Unlike many other states, Virginia doesn’t have early voting - so it is critical that we have our Volunteers for Virginia there on Election Day. If we don’t raise this money, we will not be able to send people to Virginia the final weekend.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christina or me directly.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Yours in liberty and with humble thanks,

    Lorie Medina

    Christina Botteri

    ps. Please tweet, blog, and email this request to the patriots you know. Together, we can do this!

    The fine print: Volunteers for Virginia is an initiative of Election Day Tea Party 2012, an informal coalition of Tea Party and like-minded groups from across the country. Funding for this initiative is provided by the Triple Crown Project, an independent expenditure committee that relies upon your donations. Please, click here for a secure contribution via Pay Pal. It's fast, free, and you do not need a Pay Pal account. Please note that donations to the Triple Crown Project are not tax-deductible.