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Volunteers for Virginia is an initiative of Election Day Tea Party 2012, an informal coalition of Tea Party and like-minded groups from across the country.

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Weekends Thru Oct 29
Homes Visited - 25,100
Postcards sent - 53,000
Texas Volunteers to VA - 139
Tennessee Volunteers to VA - 107

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    Texas Tornado Rips Through Chesapeake, Virginia


    Nancy Smith
    804 305-2417

    Texas Tornado Rips Through Chesapeake, Virginia

    October 8, 2012 - Eighteen Texans flew into Norfolk International Airport on Thursday, October 4 for an intense weekend of canvassing undecided voters in the critical precincts of Chesapeake, Virginia.

    “It would be an understatement to say that Chesapeake is a battleground city for the presidential candidates, especially after having gone blue for President Obama in 2008 by such a slim margin,” said Nancy Smith, co-founder of “We rVirginia LLC," a grassroots group dedicated to voter education and outreach. "Our analysis of precincts show the swing suburbs of Chesapeake are critical to win Virginia, and subsequently, the presidency."

    Grassroots volunteers from the Hampton Roads Tea Party partnered with "Volunteers for Virginia," hitting the doorsteps of thousands of swing voters during a 3 day blitz in Chesapeake. "We heard from many Chesapeake voters that it’s time for a change, and their votes will be going to Romney in November," Smith said. "Many homeowners in Chesapeake enthusiastically greeted Texas volunteers, with one of them proudly proclaiming: "Don’t worry, everyone in our household will be at the polls on election day, and we’re voting for Romney!"

    Sharon Roberts, an activist from Texas, was thrilled to be on the ground in Virginia campaigning. "As we walked through the streets of Virginia speaking with independent voters, two things struck me as significant," said Roberts. "First was the tireless work being done by vast numbers of Americans from Texas, other states, and Virginia for the sake of liberty. Secondly, how blessed we are to live in a land of free elections where everyone can participate. People were happy to discuss the issues, and everywhere we turned there were patriotic inspirations. This Virginia experience exemplified the motto: 'United We Stand'."

    Dubbed the "Texas Tornado Weekend," plans to complete vital precincts was the goal, and the Longhorn State left its mark in Virginia, knocking on almost 2,000 doors and reaching almost 4,000 voters.

    Texas volunteers will return each weekend through election day, extending canvassing to Virginia Beach and Suffolk.

    Lorie Medina, co-leader of "Volunteers for Virginia," is excited to continue bringing in activists from Texas.

    "This was our fourth weekend bringing passionate Texas activists into Virginia ," Medina said. "We Texans, we know what's going to happen on November 6th in Texas. That's why we are committed to helping Virginia return to a strong red state. Texans are known for not giving up, and with the strong support of the local Virginia activists, we are an unbeatable team!"

    The passion on display by the Texans has immensely energized grassroots activists in Virginia, providing valuable momentum as election day approaches.

    "Having these amazing, patriotic volunteers travel all the way from Texas this weekend to partner with over twenty like-minded Southside Hampton Roads volunteers has been the most encouraging and inspiring event of this election season thus far," said Kristen Cooper, Regional Coordinator for We rVirginia’s Hampton Roads operations. "Their energy, enthusiasm, and passion has reinvigorated my personal resolve that our great Commonwealth of Virginia can turn the tide for liberty. God bless these Texans! I look forward to the next five weeks working with patriots from across the country. United, we will take our nation back on November 6 and win the battle for individual freedom."

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