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Volunteers for Virginia is an initiative of Election Day Tea Party 2012, an informal coalition of Tea Party and like-minded groups from across the country.

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The Volunteers for Virginia Results
Weekends Thru Oct 29
Homes Visited - 25,100
Postcards sent - 53,000
Texas Volunteers to VA - 139
Tennessee Volunteers to VA - 107

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    Out-of-State Volunteers Pour into Virginia in Closing Weeks - 16k+ Homes Visited; 43k+ Postcards Sent


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    Lorie Medina

    Christina Botteri

    Out-of-State Volunteers
    Pour into Virginia in Closing Weeks

    Visit 16K+ Homes, Send 43K+ Postcards to Voters

    Volunteers for Virginia Results - Weekends through October 14
    Homes Visited - 16,978 Texas Volunteers - 52
    Postcards written - 43,000 Tennessee Volunteers - 72

    October 19, 2012 - Volunteers in surging numbers are joining the independent get-out-the-vote project "Volunteers for Virginia," traveling to the critical swing state in the closing weeks leading up to Election Day.

    In the past five weeks, 124 volunteers from Texas and Tennessee have traveled to Virginia to visit 16,978 homes in Fairfax County, Richmond, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach.

    Across the country, hundreds of people from more than a dozen states are handwriting personal notes to Virginians about the importance of this election to the nation's future. This innovative program was first introduced by Volunteers for Virginia co-director Lorie Medina. Since its debut in September, the personal postcard program has grown exponentially in popularity.

    "People see that our letter-writing campaign connects with voters in a way that traditional campaign mailers, TV and radio ads simply don’t," said Medina. "To date, more than 43,000 handwritten postcards have been sent to Virginia voters, and hundreds more are being sent every day."

    Medina, who is also founder of the Frisco Tea Party in Texas, is pleased with the work of Volunteers for Virginia so far, but knows there is much to do in the final weeks of the campaign.

    "We know how important this election is for our future," said Medina. "Our volunteers are working incredibly hard, spending their own time and money to make sure that the great folks in Virginia understand the importance of this election as well - and we’re not stopping until the polls close on Election Day."

    The efforts are making a huge impact, according to Nancy Smith, co-founder of "We rVirginia," a group partnering with Volunteers for Virginia to get out the vote.

    "We are seeing the state and national polls finally start to reflect our experiences here on the ground in Virginia," Smith said. "The intensity is building, and we are seeing a lot of interest from undecided voters in Governor Romney, as well as the races down the ballot."

    For more information or to participate in Volunteers for Virginia, visit us online at

    About: Volunteers for Virginia is a collaborative project between We rVirginia, LLC and Election Day Tea Party, an initiative of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, an informal federation of 30 local tea parties from around the country who work in cooperation on national projects.

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