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Volunteers for Virginia is an initiative of Election Day Tea Party 2012, an informal coalition of Tea Party and like-minded groups from across the country.

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The Volunteers for Virginia Results
Weekends Thru Oct 29
Homes Visited - 25,100
Postcards sent - 53,000
Texas Volunteers to VA - 139
Tennessee Volunteers to VA - 107

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    Out-of-State Volunteers Visit 25,100 Homes, Send 53,000 Postcards to Swing Voters


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    Lorie Medina

    Christina Botteri

    Out-of-State Volunteers Visit 25,100 Homes, Send 53,000 Postcards to Swing Voters

    Volunteers for Virginia Results - Weekends through October 29
    Homes Visited - 25,100 Texas Volunteers - 139
    Postcards written - 53,000 Tennessee Volunteers - 107

    November 2, 2012 - In the closing weeks of the campaign, 246 volunteers from Texas and Tennessee have traveled to Virginia to visit more than 25,000 homes in Fairfax County, Richmond, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach. The volunteers are part of the independent get-out-the-vote project, Volunteers for Virginia.

    "Our volunteers have been fantastic," said Will McCullers, who has been leading We rVirginia volunteer efforts in Roanoke. "It means a lot to us that they would spend their weekends making the trek from Texas and Tennessee."

    Beyond the door-to-door voter contact, Volunteers for Virginia created a postcard campaign for volunteers who couldn’t travel to Virginia to help campaign. The program is an innovation first introduced by Volunteers for Virginia co-director Lorie Medina. Since its debut in September, the personal postcard program has grown exponentially in popularity.

    "Some of our postcard-sending activists, who sent more than 53,000 postcards to voters, have received notes in return," said Medina. "Nearly all of the responses have been positive. In a state that has been inundated by TV campaign commercials, it's a fresh way to deliver a personal message."

    "This effort has exceeded our expectations," said Nancy Smith, spokeswoman for We rVirginia, who is working with Volunteers for Virginia to get out the vote. "Our volunteers are working incredibly hard, and spending their own time and money. We're so thankful that they’ve taken time from their lives to talk to Virginia voters about this election."

    In the final days leading up to and including Election Day, Volunteers for Virginia will gather for their largest on-the-ground effort yet to assist with a final touch to tens of thousands of voters in neighborhoods across the state of Virginia, massive phone banking efforts on Tuesday to get Romney voters to the polls and last-minute persuasion at the polls to convince the undecideds to cast their ballots for the Republican ticket.

    "With Election Day so close," said first-time activist Tony Crego, "the feeling on the ground is a mixture of enthusiasm, confidence, and concern. People I talk to can't wait to get to the polls."

    For more information or to contribute to Volunteers for Virginia, visit us online at

    About: Volunteers for Virginia is a collaborative project between We rVirginia, LLC and Election Day Tea Party, an initiative of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, an informal federation of 30 local tea parties from around the country who work in cooperation on national projects.

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